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We have thousands of safety products and industrial tools from today's Industry Leaders. You will be impressed with our selection and prompt, professional service. We carry much more than PPE! Visit our online store. If you can't find what you're looking for we'll order it!

We provide rental of traffic safety equipment. To learn more visit www.ksibarricades.com .

We also offer full customization on site for all of your safety products. What does that meant to you? You get your product quicker and easier.  We can silkscreen your firewear, embroider your caps, customize your cones, and even decal your trucks. Branding is important in all industries, and we provide quality work, quickly.

Why customize?
Create Identity. Further your company name with products that bear your company logo. Use your products as advertising.  We can put your name and company logo on nearly any item: cones, safety apparel, hardhats, gloves, etc.  It's been proven: the more your name is out there, the more business you will get!

Prevent theft. Your crew has to have safety equipment. The less items you have to replace the bigger your bottom line will be.

Create Crew Unity. Build morale and motivate your staff with standard and new branded products that will make their jobs easier and safer.

Build Your Brand Name. Further your company name with products that bear your company logo.





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